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As the founder of ESIX, Mike has over 20 years of experience in the sports and entertainment business. His list of contacts and clients is extensive, including athletes such as Lance Armstrong, the United States Postal Team, Michael Jordan, and tennis great, Pete Sampras. He is respected in the industry for his innovation in product design and his commitment to customer service.

As president of ESIX, Mike's role is to manage the considerable resources of ESIX and oversee the delivery of risk management and insurance services to all of the valued ESIX Clients. A hands-on leader, Mike's day-to-day responsibilities include energetically overseeing all aspects of the corporation and sharing his passion to make ESIX exceed all expectations.

Mike's 'work hard, play hard' attitude is reflected in everything he does from participating in triathlons, heli-skiing and marathon bike rides, to his charitable contributions to Habitat for Humanity, Families First and St. Jude's Research Hospital. Mike's enthusiastic and sometimes fanatical approach to fitness has at times led to 'interesting situations'. Rumor has it he has been seen many afternoons stripping down in the parking deck just to get a quick start on his workout! A certified commercial pilot and scuba diver, he has truly lived up to his childhood moniker of "Mighty Mouse!"