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ESIX serves some of the nation's most prestigious professional and amateur sports organizations, foundations, national governing bodies, associations, teams and venues. By outsourcing the majority of their risk management and insurance functions to ESIX, these organizations are able to access valuable risk management and insurance expertise at a significantly lower overall cost. Over 200 sports organizations rely on ESIX for their risk management and insurance needs each year.

ESIX applies its risk management and insurance expertise to events, ranging from world-class sporting events (such as Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, the AT&T National PGA Golf Tournament and the USA Cycling Pro Championships) to concerts and local events. Working with event organizers, sponsors and promoters, ESIX provides risk management and insurance support for over 50,000 events annually.

ESIX works with individual athletes and entertainers to provide insurance products designed to protect their financial future (and that of their family) in the event of death, disability, sickness or other exigencies associated with their skill. Top money winners on the ATP and PGA tours, auto racing champions, elite players in the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB, and high profile collegiate, individual sport and entertainment performers are among our clientele. In total, over 1,000 athletes and entertainers are insured through ESIX.